Thanks to all of your generous support we have delivered the Balloon Buddies to Maplecrest. Watch this space for the announcement of the next facility.

We are so excited to do our next facility, Masternick Memorial Health Care Center, a part of Windsor House Inc.

We need 64 Balloon Buddies to fulfill our delivery to ensure every resident receives one.

The Balloon Doctor is Introducing The Adopt-A-Grandparent Program. Helping to spread happiness and joy to our local grandparents living in nursing homes and assisted living centers.

When we heard about the “Adopt a Grandparent”, we couldn’t wait to do this in our community! So, during these cold months we want to spread as much love and joy to our local Senior citizens as possible!!!

But we need your Help!! All you have to do is choose how many

Grandparents you would like to adopt.

(Balloon Buddies are only $20)

Call us to purchase your Buddy.

When all Buddies are sold we will deliver them.

Our seniors have been isolated from their Loved Ones for many

months now. Sending them a Balloon Buddy will brighten

their day!!

So let’s make this happen for all the Grandma’s, Grandpa’s, Nana’s

and PaPa’s who could use a smile!!!

Call us today to order! 330-755-2355

balloon buddy flyer.jpg
Maplecrest alloon buddies.jpg